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Where it all started


Founded and run by husband-and-wife team Mark & Renee in the Welsh countryside, Grazed Brownies champion small batch baking, sustainability and using only quality ingredients for their bakes. It all started with their homemade chocolate brownie recipe, the OG (original Grazed) . Their passion for all things sweet has led their product innovation, and so then came blondies, mixed boxes, limited edition flavours and ventures into new ranges. 


They have developed their artisan brand into a successful large-scale operation, whilst keeping their small business and family-run values. The target for lowering their carbon footprint has driven them to being an environmentally friendly company, using fully compostable or recyclable packaging and continually working on ways to reduce waste and end the use of single use plastics.




I have had a lifelong passion for baking, my earliest memory is making fruit pies with my Great Grandma and my life has always revolved around food and family. 

For 10 years

I co-owned a successful outdoor catering company specialising in afternoon teas for weddings and events. Here I honed my baking skills and we became somewhat locally famous for our rich, gooey, chocolate brownies. 

In 2018

My business partner (and sister) Rashelle decided to travel Europe indefinitely with her young family (amazing i know!) 

In 2019

Mark and I decided to combine our talents and start our own Grazing table catering company (hence the name Grazed) but just as we got started, coronavirus reared its ugly head and wreaked havoc on the world and our small business but we could still serve our brownie loving customers by the way of postal brownie boxes and so Grazed Brownies was born and took us by surprise a little when it was an immediate success.


From the day we launched in April 2020 we worked day and night to keep up with demand and to this day I am humbled by the support of our customers and followers on social media who helped us to grow and develop our business that allowed us to thrive in a time that was extremely difficult for small businesses. Quality products made in small batches are at the heart of our brand, along with our strong sustainability ethic and as we continue to grow it will remain the core value of our brand.





Growing up my Parents ran their own business and from an early age I knew I wanted to follow in their footsteps.

When I was younger my baking experience stretched as far as a packet mix, however I have always been a keen cook and love nothing more than planning and preparing a meal from scratch, with a glass of wine of course!

My career to date has been spent in the Retail and Wholesale industry where I had worked my way up from the bottom as a Saturday lad in Next to an Area Manager for Booker Wholesale.

When we decided to start Grazed I had to polish my culinary skills and it turns out I’m quite the Baker!

Our Business has grown exponentially in a very short space of time as we adapted our Family home for much needed space to run the Business.

In March 2022

We finally took the huge leap and signed a lease for a 3,000 square foot unit where we now bake with our team which is growing faster than we could have ever imagined!

I am so grateful for the support we have had along our journey from our customers and we look forward to continue to grow and share our dream with our team and much-loved customers!

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